How to publish an activity on Vizitio

To publish an activity on Vizitio and attract interested parties, follow these steps and complete the required fields in the publication form:

Access your Vizitio account

The first thing you need to do is log in to your Vizitio account. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one by following the steps below:

Create an account

Creating an account on Vizitio is free and easy.

Publish an activity

Complete the required fields on the form:

General information

  • Category: Select the category your activity fits into. This will help users find it easily.
  • Qualification: Provide an attractive and concise title for your activity.
  • Description: Describe your activity in a detailed and attractive way. The more complete it is, the better.
  • Duration: Specifies the approximate duration of the activity.
  • Location: Indicate where the activity will take place, providing the name of the place, address, zip code, city and country.
  • Language: Indicate in which language the activity will be carried out.
  • Accessibility: Report the accessibility level of your activity so that users know if it is suitable for their needs.
  • Age: Establishes the minimum and maximum ages allowed for participants.
  • Gallery: Add images and videos that show the activity in its best light. Images are essential to attract users.

Requirements and resources

  • Requirements: Details the specific requirements to participate in the activity, such as required skills or permits (such as a driver's license), physical fitness level, or inherent risks (including risks for people with pre-existing medical conditions), logistical information (for example, meeting point, and required or recommended clothing and equipment).
  • Resources included: List any equipment or resources that are included in the price of the activity.

Price and ticket

  • Price: Indicates the price of the activity with VAT included.
  • Bond: Attach the file that users must show to access the activity.

Availability and reservation

  • Available days: Indicates the days of the week on which the activity is offered.
  • Activity available from: Sets the time from which the activity is available.
  • Activity available until: Indicate until what time you offer the activity.
  • Minimum number of people: Establishes the minimum number of participants required for the activity to take place.
  • Maximum number of people: Limit the maximum number of participants allowed in the activity.
  • Reservation duration: Specifies the recommended duration for reservations.
  • Reservation time zone: Indicates the time zone relevant to reservations.

Synchronize calendars

  • Reservation import URL: Enter the URL of the external ICS calendar to sync availability.
  • Reservation export URL: Use this URL to synchronize the availability of external ICS calendars.

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