Escape Room VR Space Station

Escape Room VR Space Station
Duration 30 minutes
Cancellation Non refundable
Age +16 years
Accessibility Yeah
Entrance Electronic. Take it on your mobile
Language Spanish

Immerse yourself in an exciting space odyssey with our virtual reality Escape Room designed for groups of 2 to 4 players. During the 30-minute experience, you and your companions will transform into intrepid robotic astronauts, facing weightlessness and defying logic to solve puzzles and riddles.

Entering the environment of a spaceship, each floating object will take you one step closer to the mission: starting the engine and achieving a safe landing on earth. Coordination and ingenuity will be your best allies as you immerse yourself in this unique simulation, where every decision counts.

Create lasting memories with your teammates, sharing laughter and challenges as you work together to overcome cosmic obstacles. Are you ready for the adventure? Join us and discover the excitement of space exploration in our virtual reality Escape Room. 🚀🌌


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