Complete tour of Gerona

Complete tour of Gerona
Complete tour of Gerona
Complete tour of Gerona
Complete tour of Gerona
Complete tour of Gerona
Complete tour of Gerona
Duration 3h
Cancellation Free
Age All ages
Accessibility No
Entrance Electronic. Take it on your mobile.
Language Catalan, Spanish, English

Fascinating Experience in the Heart of Gerona: Explore the rich historical legacy of this charming Catalan city on a complete tour of its historic center. A unique opportunity that you can't miss!


Join us at 10:30 at Plaça de Sant Feliú in Gerona, starting point for an immersion in the history and architecture of the city. We will begin with the majestic Basilica of San Félix, where you will learn about the intriguing legend of the "Miracle of the Flies", which has left its mark on the collective memory of Gerona.

We will continue towards the emblematic statue of the "Cul de la Lleona", where you will learn about the curious tradition that guarantees the return to this fascinating city. Discover the secrets of the Arab baths and admire the imposing architecture of the San Pedro de Galligans monastery, witnesses of the medieval splendor of Gerona.

Immerse yourself in the city's Roman and Carolingian past as we explore the ancient walls and old town. In front of the imposing Cathedral of Santa María, marvel at the grandeur of its Gothic nave, the largest in Europe.

Enter the charming Jewish quarter of Gerona, one of the best preserved in Spain, and stroll along Calle de la Força, where you will discover the city's rich history and architectural legacy. Finally, we will conclude our fascinating trip in the Plaça de la Independència at 1:30 p.m. An unforgettable experience awaits you in Gerona!


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