Guided tour of Lérida

Guided tour of Lérida
Guided tour of Lérida
Guided tour of Lérida
Guided tour of Lérida
Guided tour of Lérida
Duration 2h
Cancellation Free
Age All ages
Accessibility No
Entrance Electronic. Take it on your mobile.
Language Spanish

Immerse yourself in a fascinating tour of the historic heart of Lleida as we explore its monumental complex. We will begin our adventure on the lively Calle Mayor, the old Via Augusta, which still retains the charm of its past and invites us to discover its secrets.

Our first stop takes us to the Peu del Romeu chapel, a place steeped in history where we will learn about the legacy of the apostle Santiago and his connection with the city. From there, we will head towards the imposing New Cathedral, a baroque treasure that houses treasures such as the venerated image of "La Moreneta".

We will continue our journey to the old Santa María hospital, an architectural jewel that will transport us to medieval times. We will visit Marqués de Blondel Avenue and San Francesc Square, home of the impressive San Pere church and the emblematic Casa Melcior.

We cannot leave aside the imposing Palacio de la Paeria, whose façade holds mysteries that we long to discover together. We will cross the majestic Arch of the Bridge, witness to the glorious past of the city.

Finally, we will culminate our odyssey in La Seu Vella, the majestic Old Cathedral that stands as guardian of the history of Lérida. From its heights, we will contemplate a unique panoramic view of the city, thus closing a day full of discoveries and emotions. Will you join this adventure?


• Guide in Spanish.

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