Excursion to Montserrat

Excursion to Montserrat
Excursion to Montserrat
Excursion to Montserrat
Excursion to Montserrat
Excursion to Montserrat
Excursion to Montserrat
Duration 420 minutes
Cancellation Free
Age All ages
Accessibility No
Entrance Electronic. Take it on your mobile.
Language Spanish

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of one of the most impressive natural spaces in Catalonia with our exciting excursion to Montserrat from Malgrat de Mar. Discover the beauty of its mountainous landscapes and delve into the history of its legendary monastery, all in an unforgettable day that will transport you through time and nature.


We depart from the pick-up points in Malgrat de Mar to embark on a day full of wonders and mysteries in Montserrat, the iconic mountain massif of Catalonia. Aboard a rack railway, we ascend to the top, where the monks of the historic Montserrat monastery await us. This peculiar means of transportation gives us a unique experience as we approach this enclave loaded with spirituality and history.

Montserrat is much more than just a landscape. It is a place of legends and enigmas that immerses us in its rich narrative through a fascinating audiovisual documentary. From UFO sightings to the search for the Holy Grail, Montserrat piques our curiosity with every story that is told. Speculation about telluric currents and mysteries hidden within add an extra layer of intrigue to this fascinating excursion.

Once at the top, we are given free time until 3:00 p.m. to explore Montserrat at our own pace. Enjoy the impressive panoramic views, be amazed by the basilica and admire the venerated 'La Moreneta', a symbol of devotion and tradition in Catalonia.

After immersing ourselves in the essence of Montserrat, we have the opportunity to taste the delicious local cuisine in the area's restaurants before embarking on our return to Malgrat de Mar by bus. Our day comes to an end after nine hours of discoveries and unforgettable experiences.

Collection Points:

For greater convenience, this excursion has pick-up points in Malgrat de Mar:

  • Bus stop on Avenida Barcelona – Avenida Verge de Montserrat 1, behind the Hotel Sorra Daurada.
  • Corner of the Hotel Reymar Playa with the Hotel Monteplaya (Paseo Marítimo – Calle Ausiàs March).


• Bus transportation.
• Official Spanish-speaking guide.
• Ticket for the rack train.


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