How to complete your Partner profile in Vizitio

To publish an activity on Vizitio and attract interested parties, follow these steps and complete the required fields in the publication form:

Your personal information

  • Name: Enter your name.
  • Surnames: Provide your last name.
  • Email: Enter your email address.

General information

  • Tradename: Specify the commercial name of your company or activity.
  • Activity category: Select the category or categories your activity fits into.
  • Languages: Indicate the languages in which you can offer your services.
  • Profile image: Upload a profile image, such as your company logo.

Tax information

Provide this information for invoice generation and to comply with legal requirements.

  • Legal status and business registration: Indicate the legal status of your company or self-employed person.
  • Tax name: Enter the tax name of your company as it is officially registered.
  • Fiscal address: Provide the tax address of your company.
  • NIF (Tax Identification Number): Enter your tax identification number.
  • Census Certificate: Upload the census certificate so we can validate and verify your tax situation. This information is essential to ensure transparency and comply with legal requirements.

Bank information

We need your bank details to make the corresponding payments.

  • Account holder name: Indicates the name of the bank account holder.
  • Name of the bank: Specify the name of your bank.
  • WERE GOING: Provides the international bank account number (IBAN).

Once you have completed these fields, you will have created a comprehensive supplier profile in Vizitio and will be ready to publish your activities on the platform. This profile will allow you to manage your activities and receive payments effectively.

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